We provide a good healthy food for worldwide market.


The founders deeply understand demands of all markets and always put product quality criteria on the top by applying modern technology and improve constantly. Management team and experts have experience working for many years in the field of food processing.
• With our experience and capabilities, our company is confident to meet the needs for products from customers.
• The benefit of the customer is also our benefit.

OUR MISSION - connecting turkish farmers to the world while prioritizing energy efficiency and food safety  in our production process for a sustainable globe

our brand

Our products

Best quality

We especially export dried apricots of Malatya in organic or natural production. Besides, we sell selected pistachios of Gaziantep, hazelnuts of Giresun (Levant Quality), dried figs of Aydın and other products like dried mulberry, dried halved apples and capers. Also we are very much confident about the quality of our kernels. It does not matter sweet or bitter. Extra information about our products can be found on our website. Avoiding from boasting statements such as "we sell the best products", we claim that we are aware of the variety of the needs of our customers. .



Producing our own

The company supplying Vegetables with first class and premium products at competitive prices. We have become one of the leading exporters of Turkish fresh produce, including, leek, cauliflower, broccoli, tomatoes, California Pepper, red Cabbage and white Cabbage. Our products are famous all over the world and hold quality certificates for the said products.

Our vision

Worldwide delivery

Is to make a DIFFERENCE in the exportation of fresh fruit and vegetables at world standards, focused on customer satisfaction, in accordance with healthy food norms and to always go forward.

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